jueves, 25 de noviembre de 2010

The "english speaking" year

Hi there… My name is Nicolás Villalobos and I´m going to talk about my experience in English class in this semester.
My experience in Universidad de Chile was very successful because I really learned and improved my pronunciation and my vocabulary and I really get fun whit the activities with Professor Carroza in the first semester and with Professor Simon now.
I enjoyed the most the book activities with Professor Carroza and read the blogs of my classmates because there are really funny.
I think was interesting the Talk experience with my classmates because in the speech we can really use all what we know and use for the English Communication.
Boring… Everything… JA! I´m just joking, I think was the written classes if I got to say something, because are necessary but I little bored.
The most difficult was coming to classes and now I´m not joking. In this year in general I don´t have a good assistance and I got to say the change of the teacher because I was with the Profesor Carroza and his methodology and his way to making the class and change to the Profesor Simon was difficult in the beginning because Prof. Carroza speak English like a Chilean speak English and the Prof. Simon speak English like a native English speak English.

jueves, 18 de noviembre de 2010

and the winner is...

Hi, my name is Nicolas Villalobos and today, ending the semestre, I will choose my favorite classmate blog.
I will choose the Ruddy Zuñiga blog called “Waiting” and I choose it because make me laugh always when I read his post and always like is way to see the life, and he is one of my great friends.
His post always had funnt images, and is a really god blog because is complete, funny, and his post are stupid and smart, in the same time.
I enjoyed most the “ A good job” because I ate the food made of soja from Ruddy and is really nice and I like most this post because I did not expect that profession, I expect something like “Guru from India” or a “Hitman”
I think the blog could be improved if the publications were more long or go with free themes. My "personal friend" but is a bit silly, and sometimes seems to have mental problems, and serious, is a great friend who gives good advice and always ready to listen. His blog could be improved if people ask you a question and he responds with a tip or stupid thing as a joke.
For me it was very difficult to choose a blog as there are very good blog, and many of them are great friends of mine, but Ruddy's blog was the one who always made me laugh with photos or with their elections as for each item.

miércoles, 10 de noviembre de 2010

Favorite Childhood Game

Hello, mi name is Nicolás Villalobos and I will talk about my favorite game when I was a child.

Is difficult to me remember things about games in my childhood and harder choose one I like the most.  The game called “Galaga” was development by Namco Company and is a video game it was a ship that fired laser to destroy their Martians enemies. Do not confuse it with "Space Invaders" but looks much as it also developed a similar company.
I played the game at home on a machine I do not remember what it was called because I was a child. Currently I play the game on my cell phone. I played Galaga almost every day between 5 and 12 years old and was addicted to that game because although the difficulty was not very high I relaxed play. I play the game alone because I have older brothers but the age difference is too high so I was a rather lonely child. I had more games but the one that was playing is Galaga.

I love this game because it is very easy to play, has many stages and believe it or not is terribly addictive. Reminds me my childhood because although it was a somewhat lonely childhood was so beautiful. Play now I remember all those beautiful moments with what I think was an Atari or something like that. I will put the link here if you are bored and want to play a game as it is now you can play easily on the Internet. You can feel like a spaceship pilot and eliminate all yours enemies.

jueves, 4 de noviembre de 2010

the greatest chilean

Hi my name is Nicolás and today I am going to talk about an important chilean and in my opinion the greatest chilean of all time

In my perspective, talking about music and musical quality, Victor Jara is the greatest composer of Chile of all time. I don´t shoulder its political color, although I share many of their ideas but I support his musical quality and influence to the new Chilean folklore and the "New Chilean Song". Victor Jara was born in 1932 in the town of San Ignacio, Bio Bio Region. During his youth he was prepared to be ordained priest, but there was where he met his vocation and his artistic side was already developed since childhood. His influence is important not only musically but also politically since he was a member of the Communist Party of Chile. He was the director of plays, was the musical director of the group "Quilapayún", play guitar as soloist in "La Peña de los Parra ", travel to Cuba y to the USSR, directed the honoring of the Nobel Prize of Pablo Neruda and little by little he became in an icon of the music and of the chilean politics of those years. He was murdered during the first days of the military dictatorship imposed by the Military Government guided by Augusto Pinochet. From there He became in a social icon in the Chilean idiosyncrasy. If I had the opportunity to ask him something, I wonder how he composed. If he simply grabbed his guitar and used to play songs or he thought before. He was a great person but also a great musician and a teacher and a guide for all who have ever touched a guitar.

His memory is more alive than ever not only in their political ideals that even still exist but in songs as beautiful as "Luchin" or as "El Cigarrito" and socially musically beautiful songs that transport us to the Chile of years ago.

"Que el canto tiene sentido,
cuando palpita en las venas
del que morirá cantando
las verdades verdaderas,
no las lisonjas fugaces
ni las famas extranjeras
sino el canto de una lonja
hasta el fondo de la tierra."

"Ahí donde llega todo
y donde todo comienza,
canto que ha sido valiente
siempre será canción nueva."
"Manifiesto" (fragment) - Victor Jara


jueves, 28 de octubre de 2010

A good job

Hello my name is Nicolás and I will talk today about a job I want to do

If I could choose a job I choose the job as President of my country. I think I have enough leadership and intelligence to take charge of my country by way of social and economic development. I could represent a beautiful nation like Chile, a nation that I love and I wish that in the next 50 years to become a prosperous country where there is no poverty and where all Chileans to achieve their dreams
I enjoy this job because not only I lead the country I love but would travel a lot, and could act directly in the development of my country and not just as a citizen but as the First Citizen.

Being the president of your country is a big responsibility but I feel I have the desire and knowledge to harness the resources of my country in its development. Chile is a beautiful country with beautiful landscapes and beautiful people, charismatic and caring. Chilean women are by far the most beautiful and would be very gratifying that it first lady should be Chilean.

Personally, I don´t know anyone who has been president since they usually are very important people and do not have much contact with it. Security measures are too high to look after the welfare of the presidents.

I know maybe this is a job could be a bit strange, eccentric and hard to get but if I could be a job would be the greatest political leader of my nation

jueves, 21 de octubre de 2010

One to One


Good morning everyone, today I will talk about an important person I would like to know, and that person is John Lennon member of The Beatles.
I would like to know because is a person I admire. Musically and culturally is one of the most important icons of the twentieth century. His songs reflect a critique in relation to the thought of that time and not only in relation to war but to confront it the wrong way. His best song, "Imagine" is an anthem that leaves out any discrimination and that unites us as humans and people no matter your race or religion.
I would like to speak with him on many issues but I would like to know his opinion about the world today because he died 40 years ago and did not know how this world became so superficial and I would like he tell me how I could continue this mission of trying to unite people through music.
It would be interesting to be with him because if we had 2 guitars could even for a moment to play guitar together and fulfill one of my most cherished dreams.
Just for a moment, I would like listening Lennon playing “Imagine” in the piano and I accompanied on guitar. If a have Lennon I ask him to autograph my two guitars, and give me something like a strap or a pick, to try if any of his talent can get me.

jueves, 14 de octubre de 2010

Learning English

Hi, my name is Nicolás and I´m to talk about learning English.
I like learning English because is really useful. In these days everything has words in English and in this global village you most learn English. In my case since I was very young I didn´t have any problem to understand and translate nouns and verbs.  As a child I loved watching movies and preferred to see them in english with spanish subtitles. At school I had a very grumpy teacher and I did not learn anything, so I learned verbs list for myself and practiced the pronunciation when I saw films like Harry Potter. There is more beautiful language to speak as the French but French is spoken only in parts of Africa, Europe and France. Learning English is extremely useful because the language is a tool that helps human communication. If you know other languages or other forms of communication opens the door to get to know people, concepts, ideas and notions and without a language as universal as the English would be impossible. The only disadvantage of English is that if you practice it so soon you forget over time but for someone who has lived long enough for him just a couple of days to regain his consistency. Learning English is very useful for my profession of geographer because not only information many texts are in English but need to know as many places to speak many languages, learn a universal language is very efficient.